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  1. ~~louise~~ says

    Hi Catherine!
    Boy, I sure could go for one of those meatballs around now. The combination of flavors sounds so good. I love the addition of honey. Not something I would normally put in meatballs but I'm sure it adds a wonderful flavor. The tomato sauce has some interesting ingredints also. I will be keeping this recipe for sure!

    Thank you so much for sharing, Catherine...I heard it was pouring by you this morning. We had that rain in PA yesterday but today we finally have the sun shining. Sending you lots of sunshine from PA. It's on its way to Long Island, lol...
    • Louise says

      Hi Catherine:) Oh those meatballs do look good. You know how they say meatballs always taste better the next day? Well, seeing these meatballs again just makes me want them MORE!!! Thank you for joining us for Meatball Day Catherine...
  2. Sandee says

    I saw this on Facebook. I so love this dish and I love anything with Feta. Anything.

    Have a fabulous day my friend. ♥♥♥
  3. Dottie says

    Hi Catherine,
    Looks like we both had meatballs on our minds.Yours is Greek style. I really enjoyed reading this recipe. Never had one of these before, but love the combo of honey, lemon, and cinnamon. They must be delicious..they look beautiful! Your tomato sauce is a wonderful recipe too. I sometimes put some cinnamon in the sauce also. I was surprised the first time I used it, how the cinnamon made the sauce pop. Thanks for sharing, blessings on a good rest of the week...Dottie ;)
  4. Marie Dodd says

    I had the honor and pleasure to be a guest at Cathy's house last night for a dinner to DIE for! Although I love Italian meatballs better than life itself, I was informed we were having Greek meatballs with sauce. Ok, how bad could Greek meatballs be when one is used to Italian, but the fact that Cathy was preparing them gave me much hope. Along with the meatballs I was served a side of my favorite, broccoli rabe and stuffed artichokes, a meal that was fit for the Gods. This was served to me with some home made flatbreads and a beautiful salad, along with a Greek yogurt (or sour cream as the case was) sauce made by Cathy's daughter, Tammy. When I tell you I am now a fan of Greek meatballs as opposed to the Italian ones (and with a name of Pacelli , I know Italian), please believe me. I would never in my life think to make a meatball with cinnamon and lemon, but who knew? My grandmother would roll over in her grave if she knew. However, what a pleasant surprise! They were so moist and flavorful! I gorged on these little delightful balls of flavor and picked all night long. I will be serving these at my next dinner party for sure. No wonder Cathy was chosen by Jackie Collins to interview her and review her recipes in her new cookbook. Cathy has the gourmet's touch and knows how to cook! Jackie, you know how to pick 'em!
    Can't wait to be invited back for some more culinary delights by Cathy!
    Love, Marie

  5. Miz Helen says

    I just love the seasons and the sauce for your Greek Style Meatballs,they look delicious! Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and have a very special week.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

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